GoPiGo3 with PS3 Controller

I am having trouble getting the PS3 controller to work with the GoPiGo3 and Raspberry Pi 3.

I do not have Raspbian for Robots installed at this time because Blutooth was not working when I had that OS installed (that’s another issue). So I installed the latest Rasbian image from the Raspberry Pi website on 9/28/2017, then I installed the GoPiGo3 software from the github repository.

I have the PS3 controller connected to Bluetooth on the Pi 3, and I downloaded the PS3 .py files from the GoPiGo github repository. The PS3 files use the GoiGo libraries and are written in Python 2.

How do I proceed?

Is GoPiGo3 backwards compatible with GoPiGo programs?

Should I install the GoPiGo repository as well?

Do I need a blootooth dongle even though I have the controller connected?

Hey @ernesto.deleon.1 , which tutorial are you following? And can you point to which python file you’re referring to that’s in Python 2.