Gopigo3 with Ubuntu 20.04

I need to install Ubuntu 20.04 server onto my Gopigo3 robot’s raspberry Pi. A simple install seems to work but runs into some subtle problems later with udev rules, file permissions and so on. It makes me think that I’ve skipped a step.

The instructions that I can google are all a few years old, and assume Ubuntu Mate, which is not precisely the same as Ubuntu 20.04 Server.

Does anyone have a working script to run Gopigo3 with Ubuntu 20.04 Server?

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I don’t have an answer for you. Sorry. But I am curious on why you need Ubuntu 20.04 - are you wanting to run ROS Noetic?

I’m currently running Melodic. I’ll probably stick with that for the GoPiGo3 - it seems fairly stable. If I build a new robot after this I’ll probably target using ROS2.


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Keith is the resident ROS expert, but I will echo his question:

Do you really need to be using Ubuntu Server 20.04?

Though I am most definitely not the ROS expert here, I have found that using defined versions and types makes your life so much easier.

I have also discovered that trying to build an upgraded version of something can be non-trivial, as versions, dependencies and essential packages can change breaking scripts, other packages, and suchlike.

For example, I am trying to create a version of Raspbian for Robots based on the latest Raspbian Buster release, and it’s definitely not a simple process.  I have been having no end of trouble as the build/install scripts are highly version specific, and some of the packages simply don’t exist in later versions.

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