Gopigo's turning mechanism?


I am new to Gopigo and am just starting to build one with my son. While we were assembling it, my son noticed that those two motors have magnets in the front. So when we were close to finish, he said, oh, so the front caster turns because of the pull from the magnet in the motor! First, i was suspected but then it got me thinking: how the front caster turn? What’s the mechanism behind it? What he said makes sense,but is it really the case?

Hello @chiuchen

The caster wheel is at the back of the robot, not the front. And it only turns due to friction. Think of the front wheel of a bike. When you pedal, you transfer movement to the back wheel through the chain, and the front wheel is free-rolling.
It’s the same thing on the GPG, but the free wheel is at the back.

As for the magnets, they are a feedback mechanism. With them, the robot is able to know pretty precisely how far it’s gone.

I hope this helps!