Got my new robot today but i have a minor issue please help

So it arrived this morning and i put it together with my daughter as we agreed to build a robot together.

All went very well had no issues putting it together and getting her online and updated. Followed all the safety precautions and disconnected all the motors from the board and the servo as well as I figured it had a motor in it.

Ran the basic python test script. My right motor did not responds the left was fine. I switched the pins on the right motor still no joy. I then proved the right motor was fine by connecting it to the left motor pins and it worked proving the motor does work.

Im a java coder so i decided to install pi4j and run the java test suite. Same effect the right motor still isn’t getting any joy (although strangely when i ran the right motor test in java the servo was getting a jiggle on!!!).

So can anyone offer any ideas? I was hoping to go forward and backwards at some point not round in circles ;o)


Hey Mike,

I’m really sorry to hear about this. It sounds like we shipped you a bum motor. You were spot on to test both on the same motor port, great troubleshooting.

We will ship you a new one immediately. Can you contact us here, under “General Questions and Feedback”:

Amber will have one shipped to you immediately.

Again, I’m really sorry to hear about this; we’ll make it right immediately.


Its not the motor. I was probably not clear. When i take the not working motor (right) and attach to the left side pins that motor DOES work. When I flip the left (initially working motor) to the right pin it now doesnt respond to right commands, therefore it must be something upstream of the motors on the right side pins. Ive tried the i, k command as mentioned in another post to bypass some subsystems but alas still no joy.

Hey Mike,
Can you do the firmware update from here and try check from the basic_test_all script the firmware version and whether the fwd() and bwd() commands work.


Flashed safely and still same results both motors work on the left pins neither work on the right.

Hey Mike, totally understand now, thanks for the update on this. Chances are the board or chip is not working. Amber forwarded us your message, and I confirmed we’ll replace your PCB I think. Just wanted to let you know we’re on this!

Hey Mike, just checking in . . . any updates?