GPG3 is working well!

I just wanted to say think you for this great robot! My 9-yo and I put it together easily on Christmas and everything works smoothly. We verified that it moves the correct distance forward and back, in inches and cm. Turning in circles and taking pictures to make panoramas is great fun. The resulting composite image is also interesting when a person is there only part of the time.


Hello @beale!

Happy to see you’re having fun! And to be honest, I’m not even sure how you achieved that photo effect! It’s pretty cool!


Trippy picture, it definitely belongs in an art museum somewhere!

Thanks for updating us!

People sell dedicated machines just to make panoramas. The GoPiGo with the RPi camera and a level surface to drive on, does a decent job of it (when people aren’t running around in front of it!) Made a simple program to repeatedly turn and take a photo, then drop all the JPEGs into some pano software. The program tries to blend adjacent images smoothly, which gives fun results like this when someone is in one shot and not the adjacent one. The program I used is Microsoft “Image Composite Editor” There was no adjustment at all, I just pressed the button and that was the result (except that it is a crop taken from the full 360 pan).

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