Gpio unavailable after install



I’ve followed the instructions to install the Aruduberry software. I’ve overcome the needs to be run from in the Desktop folder location, but there are still some errors towards the end of the install. They seem to be when the install is trying to modify the inittab.

Checking ... Avrdude: OK Arduino IDE: OK Fetching files: boards.txt programmers.txt avrsetup Replacing/updating files: inittab: cp: cannot stat ‘inittab’: No such file or directory /home/pi/Desktop/ArduBerry/script/ line 182: inittab: No such file or directory mv: cannot stat ‘/tmp/inittab.1389’: No such file or directory OK cmdline.txt: Backup exists: not overwriting All Done. Check and reboot now to apply changes.

Not sure whether this is the problem, but when I run avrdude -c gpio then it tells me that gpio is not one of the available programmers.

OS Wheezy, pi model B

Any ideas what’s going on? Where do I start to look?



Hi @bernard,

It looks like you have installed the script Since you are using a wheezy image, you will have to run . Can you tell us what changes have you made to overcome the need t run the script from Desktop.

Can you also tell us if you have any specific reasons for using wheezy image and not a Jessie image.

If there are no specific reasons then we would recommend you to use our Raspbian for Robots image which we have built for our products and Arduino comes installed in it. You can download our Raspbian for Robots image and install it following the instructions given here.

Please let us know if this helps,