GPS Shield and Servo Control

I want to use your GPS Shield with an Arduino Uno to use as a steering system for a model boat. Can I use the GPS shield and control a servo at the same time or does using the GPS shield prevent me from using the servo?

No, the GPS won’t prevent you from using a servo. It should only tie up one single pin (which you can select and reselect as you need to).

So to answer your question, you should be able to the Dexter Industries GPS shield and still use a servo.

Thank you very much.

I received the GPS shield and placed it on my Arduino Uno. How am I supposed to access the PWM outputs now? The GPS shield covers all the PWM pins.

Hey Jackson69, how do you mean? How are you trying to connect the PWM outputs? Or rather, how are you trying to access them?

I think I figured it out. Do I run my PWM signal cable to the pin on the top of the GPS shield (either pin 3, 10, or 11)?

You can connect it to whichever pin the jumper is not on.