GPS shield Example Help

Hello! I’m trying to figure out the GPS shield ( for Arduino by trying out Example file 1. I imported all the proper libraries (dGPS, string, ctype, softwareserial, Arduino) by downloading them, putting each of them in their own folder, then moving them to the libraries folder of the Arduino file. The error I’m getting is with the line
"dGPS dgps = dGPS(); // Construct dGPS class"
and it says that “dGPS does not name a type.” For some of the files, particularly those that I moved from a different location in the arduino file, only have .h file, instead of also having the .cpp file. Could that be the problem? These would be the Arduino, ctype, string libraries. Sorry if this isn’t enough information to help solve the problem, I might be a little bit in over my head.

Hey AmieNapier, is it possible check that the Arduino library isn’t properly installed? Have you seen this link: and are you able to see the dGPS library in your Arduino window?