GPS Shield for Arduino Documentation



I recently bought a GPS shield from Dexter for Arduino.

However, I can`t access the documentation on the website (all links have a 404 error message). Where can I find the libraries and examples to get the shield working?

Thank you.
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Hello again,

After some googling, I found out the git hub depository, containing some examples.

I still haven’t tested them, so I don’t know if they contain everything I need.

Here’s the link:

The git hub depository also contains codes for other products.

DexterInd, please, fix the website links. =)

I’ll post here if I run into more difficulties.
Cya soon and thanks again.
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Hey Rafael,
Thanks for letting us know about it. Looks like we missed those files while migrating to our newer site. We’ll update the page ASAP.




The documentation links are still broken. I need some documentation to set up GPS with my raspberry pi…Would you please help?



Hey Jing,
I’ll go update the documentation on the site, but in the meanwhile, if you want to try that out on your own, you can download the library from here: and copy it to /usr/share/Arduino/librariesand extract it there. After that open the Arduino IDE and open the example dGPS_Example_3 from the dGPS_Example_3 folder. Change the programmer to Raspberry Pi GPIO and upload the sketch to the Arduberry(use Ctrl+Shift+U). The data comes on the Serial Port at 9600 baud. Open minicom Serial monitor in Terminal: minicom ama0 and press reset on the Arduberry to start receiving the data.

We’ll let you know as soon as the documentation is updated