GPS Shield for Arduino


Can anybody please give me the Arduino GPS Shield Drawing and Schematic in the PDF format?

I cannot open your GPS Shield 2.0.brd file or your GPS Shield 2.0.sch file.

I will greatly appreciate

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Ps : Does any body as an example that show the GPS Shield for Arduino exchanging data with the Arduino Uno using the SPI interface or I2C?

Hey cserge, you can open the schematic and drawing using free software tools which are very common in the educational community: Eagle Cadsoft here

Also, just for anyone looking around, here are the schematics and board files for the Arduino GPS shield:

I have just put a pdf of the schematic in there as well, hopefully that helps.

Hello Administrator,

Thank you very much for your email. Looking at the schematic you have sent to me, will you agree me with me if I make the following statement:
Rx_GPS is connected to pin 4 of the Arduino Uno board.
TX_GPS is connected to pin 5 of the Arduino Uno board
PPS_GPS which is the pin that indicate that new localization coordinates are ready from the GPS by going high is connected to pin 9 of the Arduino Uno board. How long does that pin stay high when tey are new coordinates?

A last question, I am sure that you know that, The GPS library that your website provide to work with the arduino Uno conflict with GSM.h library from Arduino. Do you have any fix for that? If yes where can I find those new library?
Many Thanks for your time and your Kindness.

RX_GPS is connected to line 4.
TX_GPS can be connected to lines 3, 10, 11, or 12 depending on how you connect the jumpers.

Nothing is connected to pin 5.

PPS is not connected to anything.


is the Arduino Mega 2560 compatible with the Dexter GPS shield? I checked the Dexter Industries website and the model was listed:

“This design is currently not compatible with the Leonardo or Mega, but will be shortly.”

Has the site been updated recently or is the shield compatible with the Mega yet?

Hey DaveD, this should work with the Mega and Leonardo at this point. I think an earlier version, we had direct lines to the tx/rx pins. WIth the latest version, you have your choice of a few pins for connecting the TX/RX lines for the GPS sensor.

Where did you see the line “This design is currently not compatible with the Leonardo or Mega, but will be shortly.”?

I’m wondering if this gps shield will work with other shields, specifically arduino’s wifi shield/GSM

Hey neeharules, this works with a lot of different shields. Which one specifically are you worried about? Do you have a link or can you post pinout information about which pins the other shields use with the Arduino?