GPS shield help

I’m real new to everything here so bare with me, i want a camera to constantly turn towards a package. Is this possible with the gps shield and a servo motor. I just want a camera to turn to constantly face a certain package as it moves. Both packages will be at about 90,000 feet.

So could you clarify what is going on? Are you saying something at 90,000 feet in the air is dropped and the robot tracks it using the dgps? I think with math you could do it.

There will be two packages on different balloons at 90,000 feet. I want the camera on one to always point to the other package and was hoping to have the gps track package two then move a servo to point the camera in the right direction.

That seems plausible. I’m not sure how accurate the GPS is, but it seems possible. However I’d you figure out how to get those packages on a balloon at 90000 feet, well I think you got the hardest part done!

Wait that might be a problem. Question regarding GPS above Altitude Limitation - Arduino - Dexter Industries Forum

Apparently it can’t got that high. Remember dexter industries doesn’t make commercial products. You might have to find another GPS or lower your altitude.

@pehe224: @graykevinb is right about the limits. The limits on GPS is speed of 1000 knots or altitude of 18km (60k feet), though there is a discussion here about a few modules that do work with high altitude ballooning.

Though it might be a bit hard to keep a track of the other balloon since it might have drifted apart by a lot as it rises up. If both of them can communicate, it might be possible but still pretty hard.