Gps shield issues


hello, i recently bought the arduino gps shield but have had no success with getting it to work and i could really use some help. i am using an arduino uno and have the jumpers on the gps shield on pins3/4 as i believe they are supposed to be. i edited one of your sample codes to try and print data recieved by the gps into the serial monitor. at first i thought the battery was dead because i got no time data and after replacing it i still have no success. i am not getting errors compiling my code so i am sort of at a loss but if someone could help me out maybe i’m just missing something??

here is the code i am using:

as you can see i give the shield one minute to initialize and then it starts getting/printing data but my output always looks like this:

Initializing GPS…

UTC Time: 0
Latitude: 0.000000 degrees
Longitude: 0.000000 degrees
Velocity: 0.000000 knots
Heading: 0.000000 degrees
Distance to destination: 0.00 kilometers
Azimuth to destination: 0.00 degrees
Received CheckSum:
Computed Checksum: 0


Number of Satellites in use: 0
HDOP: 0.00
Altitude: 0.00 meters above sea level

i am either making a mistake or the unit i purchased is faulty. please, if anyone could help me at all it would be greatly appreciated as this is my first gps project and i’m really excited to get up and ruinning!!


Hi @justins11,

It can probably be a GPS fix error and the GPS shield might not have been locked to satellite. Can you try the example by taking the GPS shield out or near a window and see if it works any better.

Please let us know if this works,