GPS Shield

I’m trying to get the GPS shield to work in my setup and I noticed you guys said that it doesn’t work with Leonardo yet. But on a different forum it made it seem like it will work with Leonardo. I’m not able to get any data out of the GPS module so i’m trying to track down if it’s a fundamental hardware incompatibility issue or something wrong with my software. I tried running the examples but it gets stuck at the GPS read part - always returns -1. What is the incompatibility issue with Leonardo and is it something that can be fixed via software or will I need to order new boards? Also - what is the timeframe to make it compatible? Thanks

That should be referring to an older version of the GPS Shield. The latest version (those since 2012) have a pin bank you can use to select the RX line of the device. That lets you select pins that are not designated by the Leonardo. You should be able to change the pin number of the RX line to the 3, 10, 11, or 12 pins.

Sorry, I had to dig up the code a bit.

Note on Arduino MEGA and Leonardo:

GPS uses the serial line to get data from the GPS sensor. You need to change the serial selection (the jumpers on the board) to 10, 11, or 12 for the MEGA. So you’ll need to physically move the black jumper first.

Then, change the corresponding #define SoftrxPin in the file dGPS.cpp to 10/11/12 as well.

I just put all our Arduino code up on Github, to try to make it easier to maintain and follow:

My combinations

Arduino UNO + Wifi Shield + dGPS shield
Arduino MEGA + Wifi Shield + dGPS shield

I conpile with version 1.0.2 because the WiFi shield does not work with any later version. I can get a dhcp address but not set up a Web server or client.

dgps.init() in the setup loop does not create a problem and the network is set up well and the web server functions fine.
However, as soon as I enable dgps.update(lat, lon) in the loop section, the arduino fails to connect to the Wifi access point as well.

This seems odd because the setup section should have completed before the loop section starts.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Ash, which Wifi shield?