Great Experience with GoPiGo

First good project with our daughter using GoPiGo Modules, servo module, camera module. Most importantly learning the basics of the web-based architecture and using python programming to control hardware components. We did some changes to the latest code to enable the second joystick and control the servo. Truly it is learning internet architecture and basic python coding that delivers control of the robot from anywhere on the web. We even made a game with the kids - hiding an object and using the robot camera finding the object in the house. Turned out to be pretty funny experience…


I love your project idea! Modern hide and seek!

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Guys, I don’t know why I was waiting for so long to bring you into our house. You cannot believe the commotion since Santa brought the box… I cannot believe how addictive it is for 6 and 10 yrs old. It has been 2 days these guys cannot run away from the project. Great job guys!

That’s awesome! Glad everyone’s liking it! :slight_smile: And welcome to the forums!

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