Grove Dust Sensor Stop reading


I am using grovepi+ to connect the grove dust sensor to raspberry pi 3.
The grove pi works fine and its Firmware version is 1 4 0.

The problem is grove dust sensor stops reading after few reading ( 4 time at max) and exit from the program and go o the main command . it seems that it is disabled. any help would be appreciated.


It seems the DI folks are busy. In the mean time:

Have you updated and rebooted your software?

Which OS are you using (DexterOS or RaspbianForRobots)?

(I don’t know anything about GrovePi …; On the GoPiGo3 DI made some changes in the way they handled I2C communication and I had a similar issue )

It sounds like you need @RobertLucian or @cleoqc