Grove Dust sensor that reads no value

After installing your OS and buying a GrovePi compatible dust sensor, it seems that by executing your python script of the sensor concerned nothing happens and thus no value was noted in the console except the basic message “Reading from Grove Dust Sensor”. So I’m looking for someone who has a solution to the problem. Thank you


Quentin S.

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Hi @quentin.savean, I don’t see that anyone with a GrovePi responded to your post in a week’s time. Are you still having the problem?

I do not know anything about the GrovePi or the dust sensor, but might be able to suggest some debugging steps.

  1. Do you have the dust sensor plugged into “D2”?
  2. Did you try unplug/plug each end of the Grove four wire cable?
  3. On your GrovePi/Raspbian Desktop, is there a “Test and Troubleshoot” icon?
    (If so, run it. Then send the /home/pi/Desktop/log.txt to
  4. What is the date on your test program?
$ ls -al /home/pi/Dexter/GrovePi/Software/Python/
  1. Is this your sensor?

  2. Is it “upright”? Did you wait for the “three minutes preheat time”?

  3. Perhaps try adding a print statement to see what value is returned that is not changing:

while True:
		[new_val,lowpulseoccupancy] = grovepi.dustSensorRead()
		if new_val:

Wishing you luck,

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