Grove dust, temperature and humidity sensor, fan

I am a PhD student in Uk trying to develop an air quality monitoring devdedesignedice,designed by another student.
I am quite new in this area.
The air quality device is using:

  1. Raspberry pi zero
    2.Mikrobus ozone sensor( MQ135)
    3.Air quality click(MQ131)
  2. Pi 3 click shield
  3. Grove dust sensor
    6.temperature and humidity sensor( DHT22)
  4. Expanded board
    The student has soldered a prototype board to to connect Grove dust sensor and DHT22 to expanded board for raspberry pi zero.
    Now I am looking for more robust solution. Based on this topic:

1IMG_20190624_075538 .
I was wondering if I can use Grove pi plus + Grove temperature and humidity sensor ( instead of DHT22) for connecting them to expanded board.
2. As raspberry getting temperatured, is there any fan compatible with Grove pi plus?

Thanks in advance for your help.