Grove electromagnet without grovePi for raspberry pi


I want to use a grove electromagnet, but there isn’t any place for a grovePi in my robot (and I can’t afford to spend more money). So I would like to use the electromagnet without a grovePi on my raspberry pi. Is this possible?

If I’m asking easy questions, it because I’m quit new in the world of robotics.

Thank you

Hi @mevrouwmispoes,

First things first: you will need a separate power supply for this Grove Electromagnet board that can supply a stable 5V - the wiki on Seeed says it needs a maximum of 0.4Amps, so something around that number should do.

Next, check and see if you can actuate the electromagnet by setting the signal to HIGH on the SIG pin of the board and if not then you’re going to have to get yourself a level converter (that takes your signal from 3.3 to 5.0V). An example of a level converter is this one:

And to make it clear for everyone, we’re talking about this Grove Electromagnet board:

Thank you!