Grove infrared temp sensor issue

This is my first attempt at using Raspberry pi and grovepi + board
My issue is im using a grove infrared temp sensor v1.2 with the above and am getting a minus temp reading I want the temp sensor to switch off a relay when temp value is reached say 20 °C
I have sensor connected to port A0, is it a configuration issue or a coding issue, any help greatly appreciated



Did you perform the calibration described on the sensor page?

What software are you running to read the sensor output voltage and translate it to a temperature?

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Are the readings correct, aside from the sign?

Do they move in the correct direction? (i.e. if you hold the sensor between your fingers or under your arm, does the absolute value become larger?)

Hi no did not perform calibration were do i find this info thanks
Sorry for slow reply away with work

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Hi no not genuine reading up in the high 30’s when the ambient temp is 12°C

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Please either point to the software or attach the file.

If you are running ~/Dexter/Grovepi/Software/Python/, did you try setting the instantiation for the sensor to version 1.2?

On my computers, that program defaults to the v1.1 sensor and you posted you are using v1.2, so indeed the temperature will be wrong.

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