Grove-LCD RGB Backlight - no text? [SOLVED]


Hi, I have a GrovePi+ starter kit for raspberry Pi - I am able to change colours on the display using or scratch, but I am not able to display any text or symbols. Any help appreciated.


Try the lcd connected as solo device: alone on the i2c bus! I got the same problem, it interferes with other devices.


Thanks, I tried it (I only had temp-sensor connected) - no success, still able to set background colour, no text.


I just realized, that I can see some letters displayed, if I use my thumb to press the screen. I assume this is a hardware defect.


I read something like what you described and it had to do with the supplied power. ( Wasn’t enough)
But if it’s a vanilla grove module connected to a grovepi then this is out of the question.
Drop here a line if you find out something!


Thanks!!! I just tried another power adapter and it became readable! You saved my day!


When the raspi displays a yellow arrow, then you can be sure there is a low voltage situation. Usually the usb cable has inproper connection.
Have a good day!

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