Grove - multichannel Gas Sensor on Grove Pi +

Can this device

Be plugged into the Grove Pi+ I2C port directly (like I2C-3)? I am confused because the site references using the seeeduino.


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Disclaimer: I am not DexterIndustries, do not have a GrovePi, and suggest you ask

Your link is to the older device, which it appears from searching the forum to have an i2c address conflict unless changed by the user.

There is a V2 device that states it is on address 0x55, which MAY not conflict (I know nothing about the grove Pi+ address map), BUT even if the V2 device is address compatible it appears from reading the DexterIndustries Python interface software that the software will not “work as is” with the V2 device. You will have to blaze the trail so to speak. I am guessing by you asking this question to the forum, that you are not ready for that challenge.

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As the site said, their primary application tool-chain is for their Arduino clone.

i2c is i2c, no matter where you plug it in. Adafruit, SparkFun, Seeed Studios, it’s all one spec.

The tough part is finding the libraries and some example code. You may want to research using keywords like seeed, multichannel gas sensor, raspberry pi, and see what you find. Once you know what’s available, you can then work it into the Grove Pi.

Like the man said, I don’t have a Grove, and I’m just a punter in the wilderness like yourself. Let us know what you find and how things work out.

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The Grove Multichannel Gas Sensor can plug directly into the board’s 12C port. Please use this code developed by the Dex team a few years ago: