Grove PI not working

I received my grove pi+ today, i followed the instruction i am able to connect and login to http://dex.local. I try to work with first program (LED on / off), i connected to D4 with led (first blue, then red) and write the python code / scartch as shown in tutorial video i get message in console as 1 but led not on / off. I try with different led, different ports (d2, d4) and also change the connectors but nothing works…can i know what problem ? log.txt (6.1 KB)
attached the log file. Please help. Thanks in advance.

I have updated the software and firmware (using the GUI) before I try the first program, could someone help me, please. I am new to Rasberry and GrovePI. Please help.

Thanks for sending the log. It looks like the firmware on the GrovePi isn’t responding, can you do a firmware update by running this file.
To run this file run the following command on your terminal

sudo bash /home/pi/Desktop/GrovePi/Firmware/

Do let us know is this helps.

Thanks Karan, i will update and let you know.