Grove Pi+, RPi2, and Gesture board


I have the above configuration. I am developing in C and using wiringPi. I ported the arduino code over. I can communicate with the Gesture board, I can read registers 0 and 1. ( I get the 0x20 and ox76 like supposed to). But when I read register 0x43, I get nothing but 0’s. I don’t get errors, just 0’s. I also try to read register 0x6c and also get 0’s.
I have a continuous loop and no matter how I wave my hands on it, 0’s.

HELP! :slight_smile:



This is a new sensor so we don;t have code available for it for the GrovePi+. Looking at the wiki and the datasheet, have you completely implemented the init() function here: . It seems that you have to write a whole bank of registers and then select a bank then only read. Can you check if you are doing like this and post the code here so we can have a look at it too.



Hi Karan! I am uploading a tar of my project. The important part is paj7620.c and main. In paj7620, there is an init() function which writes all those values to registers in the Gesture sensor. I lifted that code directly from the arduino sample. main() calls the init and then drops into a forever loop reading some registers. One of which is 0x43 which is the gesture.
There are other files there because I am testing the I2C Motor Driver also. That code is commented out. There are also some other files in there because I am using Code::Blocks as my my IDE.



I bought an arduino uno, Grove Base shield, and I can the gesture board works. Here is something that is very important. I look at the gesture board thru the camera on my galaxy s3 phone. when the gesture is plugged into the arduino, I can see the LED on the gesture board is on. when plugged in to the grove pi and RPi2, the LED is not on. BUT, remember the chip is still on as I can poll registers in RPi2 successfully. This makes sense that since the LED is not on, I read 00 in the gesture register (0x43) since, the gesture is blind in the dark.
Call me “MacGyver” since I used my old smartphone camera to spot the LED on the Gesture board :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed information about the problem with the gesture sensor. We have a few sensors coming from Seeed and hopefully the gesture sensor would be in the package too. We’ll update you as soon as we have tested it and have more information about it.



Hi Karan:
Did you get your sensors and I2C motor driver for Christmas? :slight_smile:
I have a question about the gesture board. What is the minimum gesture range. I seem to remember it was a couple mm’s, but reading more, I see 5 cm’s. Do you know what the real minimum gesture range is?



Hi roujesky,
Seeed has shipped few of the sensors including the gesture sensor. I should have them in a few days and will let you know how it goes.

The datasheet says that the minimum range is 5cm and the max is 15 cm and the wiki also says that. So you should use it in that range .



Hi Karan:
I am checking in to see the results of your testing with the gesture (and motor driver board). Anything to share?



We only have the code for the gesture sensor on the github repo. The motor driver code is still in the works. It is turning out to be a tough nut to crack.