Grove Pi+ Windows IoT

I am trying to get started using my Grove Pi+ with my Raspberry Pi 3. I have Windows IoT version 10.0.14393.448 running on it. I have followed the getting started instructions at I am able to get all of the way through the tutorial without any errors and my UWP app deploys fine. The LED just never blinks. The green light is on on the Grove Pi+ so I think it is connected right. How do I start troubleshooting this?

I ended up trying a different example and it looks like the LED that I have is not working with the Grove Pi+. I was able to get the button and buzzer example to work so I don’t think it is the Grove Pi+. The sensor came from a Grove IoT Developer Kit I won at a conference. When I used the particular sensor with my Intel Edison I think I had to step up the voltage in order to use the LEDs in the kit but I don’t remember for sure.

@Constantine411 ,
The LED needs 5V to run. The GrovePi runs it at 5V so it should not need any kind of step up. We have not tried intel Edison however it runs on 3.3V logic so might need some kind of stepup. Other than that is everything else is working properly with the GrovePi and the starter kit.