Grove_rgb_lcd no module


When I run any module that tries to import grove_rgb_lcd the code stops and says “no module named grove_rgb_lcd”. I have copied the grove_rgb_lcd into the same directory and the code runs great, but why is it that the code cannot find/import the grove_rgb_lcd?


Hi @bradshaw13,

That’s quite impossible to happen. Make sure again that the file is in the same directory as the python script you’re running. In the python script you are running you can use the import grove_rgb_lcd instruction to import the given library.

Or maybe I haven’t understood you well: are you somehow asking why the grove_rgb_lcd module cannot be imported by default? The simple answer to that question is that the script when it’s being run doesn’t install that module. Just for the record, we already have a PR that would bring every library of this kind into the main package.

Thank you!


What is a PR? I am not familiar with that abbreviation.


Hi @bradshaw13,

PR comes from Pull Request. It’s the cornerstone of GitHub.
You can read more here:

Thank you!