Grove Serial MP3-player on pi?

Does anyone have experience using the Grove serial Mp3-player (–_Serial_MP3_Player) on a pi with Python?

Unfortunately no code-examples for that module. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey Jorg, haven’t used it. Question for you: we never really supported this sensor because we assumed folks would want to use the Raspberry Pi audio out to play an MP3 rather than put it on some custom hardware. What does your project look like? Why would you want to use the Grove sensor over the Pi output?

Genuinely curious!


The main reason is that playing, pausing and stopping audio using the raspberry itself is kind of a hassle. The best solution I’ve found so far, is using mpg321 to play sounds. Then storing the pid and then killing the process to stop the playing. And I am looking for something smoother:)

Hey jorg.rodsjo,
We don’t have the examples for the Grove MP3 Serial player right now. It is compatible with the GrovePi and should work, however you might have to write the program to make it work. We haven’t seen a lot of people asking for this sensor since the Pi does this pretty well. You can control the MP3 from a python program. Here are a few examples: and

Do let us know if this helps.