Grove Sound sensor - how to make it more precise?


I have a rapsbPi2 + GrovePi. I’m trying to make use of Grove sound sensor.
I’m trying to make it execute a command when I start speaking. I’m reading values every 200ms.

Even in a completely quiet room values it’s giving are in 240-370 range and when I start speaking really close to it it sometimes jumps to 400-450 and sometimes not. When I speak from more than 1 meter distance it doesn’t show any changes at all.

Should I try using approximation functions for last N values?
Maybe there’s a way to make it really sensitive to the frequencies of a human voice?

The values are just so random I’m not even sure how anyone is using it.

Are there any better solutions for recognizing when someone starts speaking?


Hi experigo,
We have found that the noise sensors is usually good enough to find the ambient noise level near it. It is not good for a lot of applications. Approximations over the last few value will definitely make the data better and it might be worth keeping the sound sensor inside a paper cone to make it a bit more sensitive. The sound sensor is designed that way, you can read about it in the comments section here: