Grove - Sunlight Sensor

Anyone got the Grove Sunlight Sensor with grovepi+ or raspberry pi?

I have a C program based on this, but I’m not getting very useful values when it’s not very bright,

visible: 0100 256
ir: 010a 266
vuv: 0001 1

about same values whether I put it in complete darkness or not, but if I shine a bright light on it they do go up.
Anyone that has better parameters to feed it to make the measurement go under ~256lm?

Hey Mirar,
We do have a python library working with the GrovePi Can you have a look at it and compare it with your code to see if it there is anything that you might be missing. I don’t have the sensor with me right now but can try out you code in a week or two.


It yields similar results, so I guess we’re doing the same thing at least…

Vis: 261
IR: 266
UV Index: 0.02

visible: 0100 256
ir: 0109 265
vuv: 0002 2

(Visible gets slighly higher.)

Putting the sensor in darkness doesn’t lower the numbers, though, so same problem.

Hey Mirar,
The seemed to work well when I had tried the code. Is it possible that you might have had received a bad sensor.


Are you seeing values lower than about 250? I don’t have a problem with lux levels above 250-ish. (The grove analog light sensor I have seems to max out about 150 lux, so they don’t even overlap…)

I’m going to order some
Adafruit TSL2561 Digital Luminosity/Lux/Light Sensor Breakout
to play with now… they don’t seem to exist in Grove variant.