Grove Temp and Humi sensor SHT31[SOLVED]

I have got this Sensor and need help in figuring out how to communicate it through I2C.

@asami: we do not have a library for this yet. However there are examples available for this sensor. Here is one. Can you try it out and let us know if it works for you.

Thank you @karan. I have realized that the library is not available so I
was trying to locate how can we connect custom I2C sensors to GrovePi. Is
there a writeup which explains the protocol to communicate with any new I2C

I just ran that script and it gave some out put.

Temperature in Celsius is : 24.91 C
Temperature in Fahrenheit is : 76.84 F
Relative Humidity is : 36.61 %RH

Will keep on running it time to time to see if values are changing or not.

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