GrovePi+ and Raspberry Pi Stack with Grove Base Hat

Hi everyone,

I have a Raspberry Pi with the Grove Base Hat for some Grove sensors, and recently I got GrovePi also.

I used to play with the setting of Raspberry Pi + Grove Base HAT. Then, I tried the deck Raspberry Pi + GrovePi with a light sensor and everything worked perfectly.

When I try to stack them up like Raspberry Pi + Grove Base HAT + GrovePi, then the light sensor will not work with an error message “OSError: [Errno 5] Input/output error”

Does anyone experience something like that? Appreciate if there is any solution to run the 3 layers stack.


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I think that @cleoqc or @mitch.kremm will have to weigh in on this one.

My first guess is that you can’t stack two hats like that since they may both be using the same signals for their I/O pins, and like two trains on the same track, you get a collision.

Hi @gm2016,

Could you send a few pics to us at I’d have to check with our team to see if that combo is compatible.

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Hi Jimrh, mitch.kremm,

Thanks for the suggestion, I have sent an email to with a couple pictures of the settings.

Thanks very much.