GrovePi and the new Pi Display


I am planning to make use of a Raspberry Pi and GrovePi with different sensors for a project. However, I also want to use the new touchscreen for the raspberry pi.

Usually the GrovePi is mounted on top of the Raspberry Pi. The same is true for the display. From the images I have seen it is not possible to stack both of them because I think the GrovePi does not have the same mounting holes as the Pi.

I think the GrovePi is connected to the GPIO pins. Then it should be probably possible to use a wires from the GPIO pins to not stack the GrovePi but to put it somewhere to the side. Is this true? Not really sure if I have enough room to mount the display then…

Did anyone already think about using both, the display and the grove pi?



Hm, just had a look on how the display is mounted to the raspberry. Seems that the raspberry is mounted in a way that peripheral can still be mounted to the GPIO ports. So I guess it should work. Someone has thoughts on that?

GrovePi only has 2 mounting holes but it a shorter on one side so all the 4 mounting holes should be accessible. People had tried using the Adafruit PiTFT but that didn’t work because it was sending some signals on the I2C lines which made the GrovePi unable to communicate with the Pi. The newer Official Pi display should work with the GrovePi. You should also be able to mount something on to of the GrovePi with all the signals passing through it.


Hey, we’ve ordered some of these and we’ll be trying it out with our different products! We can’t say for sure, but as Karan says it should work with the GrovePi. Standby for more info on this! John