GrovePi base hat for zero programing in Python

My project: <this py program doesnt work for me

I dont have grovepi+ hat and nothing want to work form me

i have problems with libraries (which library i have to use for assign a sensor to a pin )

i tried but its said theres is no seed_dht library and any code i ran always has an error

im looking for someone who help (if necessary i can explain more details)

im using raspbian lite capacitive moisture sensor dht 11 and grove relay with raspberry zero wh and base hat for raspberry

The Grove Base HAT and the GrovePi+ are two totally different boards, done by different companies.
For help with the Grove Base HAT you have to contact Seeed directly. Sorry.

thanks, I did not know.

No problem. The name scheme is confusing. Best of luck with your project!