GrovePi+ Base Kit vs. GrovePi+ Internet of Things Kit[SOLVED]

Price is the same. What is different between these two kits ?

These two products (The GrovePi Base Kit and the GrovePi Internet of Things Kit) are the same. We made duplicates with different names for marketing purposes.

This product (Initial State Starter Kit) comes with a subscription to Initial State’s IOT platform.

Hi JohnC,

I was nog aware that both different systems existed.
Here in Europe only one version exists.
I yesterday purchased a brand new normal starter kit.

Is there a way that I also can benefit from the subscription to initial state IOT?
On their website they ask 5$/mo…

Kind regards,


Hi Freddy, you will want to contact Initial State directly about the subscription service, we don’t sell it separately. They should be able to help you with this.

Thanks John, I will do

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