GrovePi + BrickPi Python

I have been doing some experiments on stacking the boards as some users have attempted before. Logically it seems that the GrovePi and BrickPi would stack nicely as the GrovePi uses I2C and the BrickPi uses serial however when I try to program in Python with the two libraries imported I get an error when I run the BrickPiSetupSensors() method.

The error states that:

'Serial' object has no attribute 'fd'

Yet this makes no sense as no error is thrown when not importing GrovePi.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Hey @spidermanpurdue, do both devices work on their own? IE, does the GrovePi work on it’s own, and the BrickPi work on its own?

Both work when running their respective test programs. They work even while stacked on top of each other.

I had issues because I forgot to run BrickPiSetup() Can I see your code?