grovePI C lib

I need to acces to grove sensor thrue grovePI in C or C++.
The github repository provide Python lib but I don’t find C lib.
I’m looking for sample or lib in C for the raspberryPi/GrovePi

The GrovePi currently does not have a C library.

The easiest way to make the sensors work with C would be to create a socket connections between the Python program and your C program.

The GrovePi is essentially an I2C device that you can send commands to. If you have a look at the Python examples, you’ll see its just a bunch of reading and writing I2C blocks.

C++ API for I2C, SPI, GPIO, etc:

It should be pretty straight forward sending matching I2C blocks using the C++ examples.

If you manage to get something working, can you contribute with a pull request to

Contributing would be awesome: we could use some C on this project!