Grovepi collision sensor not working

I am having a problem with the collision sensor. It’s readings do not appear to correspond to what is happening to the Pi.

I purchased this sensor:

When I run, the readings do not appear to correlate with the impacts to the sensor. It reads a 1 continuously. I can get a 0, and occasionally 255, but these changes to the reading do not appear to correlate well with when collisions occur. When I make the sleep interval shorter, I see more changes, but again they do not seem to correlate with the impacts to the Pi.

Please advise. Thank you!

Hey deannasoukup,
255 might actually be bad bytes, so can you just neglect it. DO you have an arduino to test it out. I think the collision might be over in the time it take for the GrovePi to read data from the sensor. It might actually make sense to use an accelerometer to take the readings and use a threshold to find when the collision happens. I think you have an accelerometer, did you have any luck with it in being able to differentiate the collision data from the normal data.