GrovePi Crontab Question

Sorry, I was a bit too quick. Something still doesn’t seem to be quite right.

I am using the temp/hum sensor, light sensor, sound and ranger, and run those off of cron scripts (every 2 mins for temp/hum and light, every 5 for the sound and ranger basically through a watcher that restart if the process no longer exists).

Maybe it’s the poll frequency of the latter two (0.1 secs) or something, but when I run the sound and ranger or just the sound, after a couple of minutes (within 5-10) the temp/hum readings becomes mostly or entirely ‘nan’, and the light sensor gives odd readings (too low specifically, like in the 200s, when it does 700+ after a reboot).

I’ve stopped the sound and ranger scripts, and it seems better as the temp/hum and light sensor have worked OK now for ~15 mins, but will know more overnight and see if I have all/most of my data points or not.