GrovePI does not work with LED Windows IOT Core raspberry 3B +

Hi All,

I try to use GROVE PI with Raspberry 3B +. After the configuration, I try to create an “Hello World” application but after the deploy, the Led does not blink. I am using Windows IOT 10 CORE, Visual Studio 2017.

VS2017 Target: Universal Windows
Target Version: W10 version 1809

OS Version: 10.0.17661.1001

The code is:

public sealed class StartupTask : IBackgroundTask
        // Create the LED.
        ILed greenLed;

        public StartupTask()

        public void Run(IBackgroundTaskInstance taskInstance)
            // Initiate the LED on Digital Pin 2.  (D2).
            greenLed = DeviceFactory.Build.Led(Pin.DigitalPin2);

            while (true)

                Task.Delay(1000).Wait(); //Delay 1 second
                    // If the LED is on, turn it off.  If the LED is off, turn it on.  
                    greenLed.ChangeState((greenLed.CurrentState == SensorStatus.Off) ? SensorStatus.On : SensorStatus.Off);
                catch (Exception ex)
                    // Do Nothing if there's an exception.

The next image is my configuration:


for IoT Core support, it would be best to contact Microsoft. They are way more up to date on it than we are.

Good luck!