GrovePi+ Dust Sensor

Hi everybody, is the Grove Dust Sensor module supported with the GrovePi?

I’ve bought one even if I didn’t see it in the supported sensor list, but would love to have it working!

GrovePi does not support the Grove Dust Sensor but the sensor is compatible with the GrovePi. The code on the firmware will have to be updated to make it compatible with the Dust Sensor. Let us know if you are willing to update the firmware. We would be happy to help you out.


Let’s see if I got it: the Grove Dust would not be (software) compatible with the GrovePi until the GrovePi firmware get modified.

I actually don’t know if I have the needed skill, but I may try.

I see on that the Dust sensor emit a low pulse as long as PM particles are found, so measuring the low pulse duration in a given period of time would bring us the concentration of particles.

How can I read and measure pulse duration? Is there any other compatibile sensor I can get inspiration from?

You can use the ultrasonic sensor as an example to get started. First, add some code to react to the command that you send from the python program: Once that is done, add code in the python library to send the command and receive data back: .

Let us know if this helps and if you need any more help.