GrovePi firmware jumper permanence


Is there an operational issue with permanently leaving the firmware update jumper in place on the GrovePi board? As in always connected to where the RPI can issue firmware updates without having user intervention.


You can leave the jumper in place permanently. The reason we had that in there is because the Raspberry Pi runs at 3.3V and the GrovePi at 5V, so if you are just planning to use it rarely, it should not be a big issue.



Thanks for the prompt reply Karan.

This info is probably out there in the forum somewhere but since I have your attention, what are we physically jumpering on the GrovePi? I’m trying to wrap my mind around your 3.3V vs 5V concern and how it pertains to this jumper and correspondingly the GPIO header that connects the two boards.


The jumper is connected to the reset line on the GrovePi. So when we are uploading the firmware from the Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi resets the boards so that the firmware can be flashed. Without the jumper, you can use the SPI lines for communication too.

Even though the boards run at different voltages, we have found no issues with them.