GrovePi+ firmware patch for v1.2.6

Hello Dexter Industries staff,
I found firmware bug. Please verify following patch.
Well, Grove Encoder and one Grove Chainable RGB LED work fine at same time on My GrovePi+ and Raspberry Pi 3.

--- /home/pi/Desktop/GrovePi/Firmware/Source/v1.2/grove_pi_v1_2_6/grove_pi_v1_2_6.ino 2016-04-23 20:35:48.636875637 +0900 +++ src/grove_pi_v1_2_6.ino 2016-05-04 09:09:57.028214361 +0900 @@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ int j; void loop() { long dur,RangeCm; - if(index==4) + if(index==4 && flag==0) { flag=1; //IR reciever pin set command



We’ll take a look at it shortly but did you send a pull request on github?

Thank you for your reply.
I did not send a pull request.
Should I send pull request?