GrovePi GPS "import ir_receiver_check"

I purchased GrovePi and Seeedstudio Grove GPS. But when I try to run the gps Python code (GPS demo script GrovePi). Python code does not execute because of missing the library or module that contains the “ir_receiver_check”.

I could not find another reference to “ir_receiver_check” on the Github repo or online. My question: Does this script work for others, and if so did you configure your environment any different than the documentation here.

I will try to set up my environment again, but any help would be awesome for a student like me. I did see other treads about IR, but I thought this issue merited its own thread.

Code in question at line 47

import ir_receiver_check

if ir_receiver_check.check_ir():
	print "Disable IR receiver before continuing"

The check is there to make sure that you are not using the IR receiver. The IR receiver uses the same pins as the GPS and changes the software settings so you have to disable it before you start. Can you copy the library from here for now: We’ll update the path in the install script itself so that it’s easier to use in the future.


Thanks a lot Karen!!!
The gps totally works, I just finished all my testing outdoors. You need a window for gps to work indoor but for this is a minor issue for me. I did have to make change for the sample code to add the ValueError exception because the code would fail when testing GPS from a cold boot.

I don’t know if this is important, but I noticed there use to be a red glow on the antenna. I don’t know what I did but it doesn’t glow red anymore. I’m not sure if means anything but I just wanted to share that observation. The sensor works as expected.

Great. really glad that it worked for you. From the schematic, it looks like the red LED is just the power LED and not something to be worried about.