GrovePi - Grove I2C Sunlight Sensor + Grove RGB LCD

Hi everyone, I’m in need of some help. Im working on a project and honestly I think I’m out of my depth. Im using a GrovePi and am trying to use the Grove i2c Sunlight Sensor and the Grove RGB LCD to display the readings from it. But I cant get them to work together. I’m using Python and all the libraries that come with the GrovePi as I’m an absolute beginner. If anyone could show me a solution and maybe links to an explanation of how to use i2c that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @cfinnegan12,

Can you show us what you have done so far?

And second of all, have you been trying to run these examples:

  1. grove_i2c_sunlight_sensor/ - this is a script for running the Grove I2C Sunlight Sensor.

  2. grove_rgb_lcd/ - this is a script for running the Grove RGB LCD.

Please tell us if you can get these 2 examples to work.

Regarding the Grove RGB LCD I would advise you to use setText_norefresh(string) instead of setText(string), as this function allows you to constantly write to the LCD without having to clean all the characters.

You’ll still need to use setText(string) from time to time in order to clean the screen.

Please take a look at this topic about the Grove RGB LCD in order to better understand this subject.

I’m looking forward to see how you’re doing.

Thank you!