GrovePi Irrigation System



I am trying to build an automated irrigation system using GrovePi’s sensors. I am struggling to find a kit/demo that is meant for the Grove Pi and not Arduino. Could I use this kit, but just use the Grove Pi instead? Grove Smart Plant Care Kit

There is a great Grove Smart Plant Care Kit: Unboxing and Assembling | DIY video, but I am a little confused about the wiring diagram between the relay, pump, 12V connector and Arduino; it would seem that just connecting to 12V connector would be sufficient? How would this change in a GrovePi implementation?


Hi James,

What you’re seeing on those links is not a GrovePi.
That’s a product we don’t manufacture and we don’t develop anything for it.

With that being clarified, the GrovePi uses Grove connectors, so this means you can connect the same sensors/actuators you had seen on that linked video.

Here’s a list of sensors you can use on your GrovePi:

By the way, we have released 4 new sensors for all of our product line (including the GrovePi) and we have a documentation for it:

Out of these 4 sensors, you may have an interest for the DI Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor and the DI Light and Color Sensor for your irrigation project. The advantage of these sensors is that the documentation is really great and it’s easy to start with them, thus leading to less headaches :slight_smile:

Regarding the GrovePi board, you’ve got multiple options on our website. You can get just the board itself or you can get a kit containing other sensors/actuators you may want to test with.

Please tell us if there’s something still unclear.

Thank you!



Thank you so much for the response! I had no idea that the board in that project was not associated with Dexter Industries. Thanks for letting me know about the additional available sensors as well.

I already have a GrovePi and base kit. What I needed for this project, was a moisture sensor, the pump, 12V connector, etc. What I really wanted to know is whether (excluding the programming part) the same relay to 12V pump setup would work with a GrovePi vs. the Arduino; from your response, it looks like it would (the flow sensor doesn’t have a Grove connector but still).

I definitely wish that you guys had a similar kit. There is a need for this sort of thing. The relay that comes with the kits appears to be underutilized in terms of the available projects/curriculum.

Can you confirm that you think this will work? I appreciate your time and response.



Hi James,

You will be able to do the following:

  1. Connect a moisture sensor to the GrovePi and read the moisture level on a Raspberry Pi.

  2. Connect a relay to the GrovePi and be able to actuate it programmatically. The relay should further actuate the water pump, or at least a bigger relay which a bigger capacity for load (depending on your needs).

  3. Program everything on your Raspberry Pi so you can start watering whatever you want when the moisture level goes down or stop it, when it’s too humid.

If that’s what you want to do, then yes, it’s going to work for you.

Hope this helps at making things clear.