GrovePi+ is compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 model B?

I am posting this question since I cannot find an answer on the documentation available on the web.
Thank you in advance =)

Hey Kat, we’re in the process of testing our software with the new Pi 2. It will be compatible, we’ll have an update soon.

Sorry, just to be clear: yes it’s totally compatible. We may do a new software update to improve performance. But it will indeed work.

Thank you for the support =)

Just tried to install my hot-out-of-the-box raspi2 into my GrovePi case, and no joy - the holes on the board are slightly smaller than the screws. Nothing a dremel or drill won’t fix, but not something I’m thrilled about doing with my new board.

Hey ManOnTheHill,
Sorry to hear that it won’t fit immediately. We just gave it a shot, and I was able to get it on by running the screws through first; it opens up the holes just an extra mm or so, and you can attach the hex supports below.

It’s a little tight. Would really love to hear your experience with the Pi2.