GrovePi, no function, Scratch



I have a problem with the article GrovePI, no function under Scratch and a folder named GrovePI exists on Raspbian although I have downloaded it from them. What am I doing wrong!
Thanks for a tip

Stefan, Germany


Hello Stefan @13588

Could you tell us how you downloaded them? And what exactly did you download?
I’m assuming you’re using your own SD Card with Raspbian on it, and not Raspbian for Robots ? Please confirm.





attached my log.txt file. I can not program GrovePI under Scratch.


log_1.txt (6.44 KB)


Hello @13588

Am I right in thinking you are using Raspbian for Robots?
If so, have you done a “Update my robot” ? It looks like a firmware update on the GrovePi is necessary.

Double click on this icon
and choose the second option “Update your robot”. Select the GrovePi, then press Ok.