GrovePi stacked on Hifiberry Amp+


I’m using a hifiberry for my audio output.
It worked fine before I ran grovepi setup.

Now my sound is shuttered, and even if I unplug the GrovePi stack, the sound is still shuttering.

For the Hifiberry Amp+ to work, I just have to do :

  • remove dtparam=audio=on from /boot/config.txt
  • add dtoverlay=hifiberry-amp in /boot/config.txt
  • reboot

Can the GrovePi be in conflict with the hifiberry ?

Fixed. the homemade audio jack was defectuous.

Hi @ss1,

Out of curiosity, did you replace the audio jack or was it just dirty and you had to clean it?

Thank you!

I did not replace it for the moment, I put a domino to replace the jack.
The jack itself was defectuous since the + was in contact with the -