Grovepi starter kit for windows 10 iot core based on raspberry pi

hello, i’am working on a project that i need to show temperature and humidity in real time with the grovepi starter kit for windows 10 iot core. I have tried to use the windows 10 master homeweather sample, unfortunately it’s not working

So i have created my own program and i added Grovepi and Driver as a refferences but it still doesn’t work.
I get 2 errors:
The first it tells that DeviceBuilder doesn’t implement the interface ‘IBuildGroveDevices.TemperatureAndHumiditySensor(Pin, object)’

The second error tells that the metadata folder can’t be found
|Erreur|CS0006|‘C:\Users\REALTECH\Desktop\Biotransbank\biotransbank_app\Driver\bin\ARM\Debug\Driver.winmd’ not found|biotransbank_app|C:\Users\REALTECH\Desktop\Biotransbank\biotransbank_app\biotransbank_app\CSC|1|Actif|

how can i solve those problems, i’ve looked for a similar problems in some forums but i didn’t see any relative informartion.