GrovePi+ to Pi2 Port mapping

Can’t find a document describing port mapping of GrovePI+ to Pi2.
GrovePi+ port D2 to D8 maps to what GPIO pins?
Not clear from hardware reference pdf GrovePi+_2.2_schem.pdf on gitHub.
Or from this thread

Hi kaddi,
Can you just go through the documentation here: and here: The GPIO’s on the Pi are not directly connected to the Grove ports, because there are a lot of sensors which cannot be directly interfaced with the Pi. There is an Atmega328 on the GrovePi which is connected to the Pi with I2C and SPI by which the Pi communicates with it and can upload firmware’s on it. So The Grove sensors communicate with the Atmega which acts as an interpreter and sends the data back to the Pi.


Can you tell us more about what you’re trying to do with the GrovePi?

Thanks Karan and John. Now it makes sense.
Another question, can I still use Pi2 GPIO directly via connector on GrovePI+ (1 thru 26) while still using ports D2 to D8?

You can use the Pi2 GPIO pins, but it is better to not put anything other than I2C devices on the I2C pins because the GrovePi uses it for communication. Also, it would be better not to tinker with the SPI pins on the Pi2 header too, because we use those for firmware update on the GrovePi. You can see the schematic here for more details: