GrovePi+ with Serial Camera Kit[SOLVED]


I recently bought GrovePi+ for my RaspberryPi and Grove - Serial Camera Kit.

Can someone tell me that where should I connect the Camera on GrovePi+( RPISER or SERIAL ).

And how to use the camera once connected.


Hey Suneet,
We haven’t been able to support this sensor unfortunately. The code is poorly documented and none of us has a copy of the sensor. And . . .

The really great news is that the Pi has a fantastic camera that costs a very small amount (< $35). I would recommend you use the Pi camera rather than the serial camera.

Best, John

But I already bought the complete set of sensors and as well two serial camera kit. Now I have to find out a way so that it can work.

If you have any idea please help to share.

Your best bet may be to ask Seeed for python support for the serial camera kit. I’m sorry about that; I would strongly encourage you to use the Pi Camera; there is so much support and software for it out already.

Thanks for the details :slight_smile: